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Kim Kardashian Robbery Suspects Under Arrest

Posted January 9, 2017 under Celebrity Justice

1/9/2017 3:16 AM PST

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French police have nabbed 16 people and hauled them in to the multiple police stations in connection with the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery.

The suspects were arrested in 5 different cities at it appears it was a coordinated effort by cops.  

Two masked men pulled off the jewelry heist last October at a luxury Paris apartment, but police think it’s a much bigger conspiracy.  

It’s been widely reported the robbers made off with $10 million in bling, but TMZ reported based on rock-solid information the actual figure — and insurance claim — is $5.6 mil.  That includes a massive ring worth $4 mil.

The suspects can be held for 96 hours before they have to be either charged or released.

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